Custom Christian Tees


Custom Christian T-Shirts for  Youth Ministry, Summer Camps, Christian Bands & Churches

WE GET IT . Your tees gotta be cool! You are a youth pastor or a youth worker and you are in charge of ordering tees for your group. That’s where we come in with 20 years in the biz of creating relevant T-Shirts, Logos and Websites for youth ministries. It’s our job to know what’s cool and we pass that on to you. We have designers with degrees so we aren’t just pushing around Clipart. We create new designs from scratch for you from your theme and event info.

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Logo Design

Need a new logo for your youth ministry?

Brand your group with a great logo design from Shepherd Boy Creative. Its great for bringing your group together and for outreach. Many groups will use our Logo/Tshirt Package and use the tees for giveaways to visitors. It’s a great way to say thanks for visiting while continuing to brand your ministry. When you use our Logo/Tshirt package you get the logo for free with the package. We will give you the clipart to use on business cards, postcards etc… Just let us print your tees and it’s yours.

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About Us


Broken Arrow Oklahoma


Founded 1991

Twenty Three Years Serving Youth Ministries

We are a Graphic Design company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve been around so long that we’re actually celebrating 20 years of service. In fact, we’re probably celebrating as you read this. We’ve been around for two decades because we’ve been committed from the beginning to creating relevant and innovative graphic design and t-shirts for ministries. It has always been the designs that set us apart.

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